Buying Hearing Aids on EBay

What could go wrong? Hearing aids are always listed for sale on EBay. If you are tempted by a “great deal”, think twice.

hearing aids on eBayA lot of the newer hearing aids that are being sold on EBay were purchased by the Veteran’s Administration, for VA patients. These hearing aids are registered in the patient’s name and are technically owned by the VA.

If you buy these hearing aids, they have no warranty because the warranty is only for the original owner. Additionally, if they need to go in for repair, the hearing aid manufacturer will keep them, because they do not belong to you.

Remember, the hearing aids are only part of the expense.

You will need to work with an audiologist to have the hearing aids programed for you and you will also need to be trained regarding proper use and care of the hearing aids.

Buyer beware. This isn’t a great deal.

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Susan E. Terry, Au.D., F-AAA, F-NAP
Doctor of Audiology
Board Certified

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