Hearing Aid Satisfaction

Hearing aid satisfaction has gone from about 33% in 1984 to 80% in 2014. I know that most people would find this hard to believe because we all know someone who refuses to wear their hearing aids.

Hearing well improves quality of lifeMost of my patients would tell you that their hearing devices have improved their quality of life greatly.

Today’s hearing devices can be programmed so exactly for each patient, that we have much greater satisfaction than we did, even 5 years ago. I am truly amazed at what we are able to do with hearing devices today.

Technology is not the only reason there has been an increase in satisfaction. The training your audiologist receives makes a huge difference in your success with hearing devices.

The ear is one of the most complex organs in your body and an expert makes all the difference in the world. Studies have also shown that Audiologists have the best outcomes with hearing device fittings.

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Susan E. Terry, Au.D., F-AAA, F-NAP
Doctor of Audiology
Board Certified

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